Video: A day in the studio of Dr. Gregg van Laningham at the Center for Puppetry Arts

In 2013 the Center for Puppetry Arts partnered with Texas A&M University‘s Department of Mechanical Engineering, which was awarded a four-year grant from the National Science Foundation to create a long-distance learning program. At the helm of that project is Dr. Gregg van Laningham (PhD Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology), an engineer with a penchant for acting, origami, and puppetry. That strange culmination of talents led the Center of Puppetry Arts to hire him to create Folding Up, a show that focuses on science careers and the scientific method. ArtsATL videographer Bartram Nason spent a day with Van Laningham in his studio to get a closer look at the program, and how he uses origami to remotely teach students about the scientific method.

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