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Was the Sugar Plum Fairy packing heat? Theater assures peaceful “Nutcracker” for Georgia Ballet

No loaded guns

“NO LOADED GUNS!” That was the sign that greeted families Sunday afternoon as they climbed the steps from the Cobb Civic Center parking lot to see the Georgia Ballet’s “Nutcracker” at the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre.

Was the ballet expecting those little girls in velvet dresses to be carrying 9mm semi-automatics? No, it was a logistical issue. The Eastman Gun Show was under way in an adjacent building, just a few feet from the Georgia Ballet’s outdoor Christmas cookie table and the entrance to the theater.

We’ve seen some weird things in our time, but this definitely ranks high on the list of the weirdest.

P.S.: It was a packed house, so to speak, and judging by the applause, the audience loved the performance.

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