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Review: Kathryn Refi’s intriguing about-face at Solomon Projects


The self-described ‘“statistician” of her life, Kathryn Refi has made a practice of collecting quantitative data of her experiences and translating it into abstract paintings.

Her solo show at Solomon Projects largely consists of (gasp!) figurative pastels and charcoal drawings, like a charcoal replay (left) of former football star O.J. Simpson in action, which demonstrate the Athens artist’s hand and mastery of the academic skills she has been studiously avoiding.

Also puzzling is that the images are seemingly random. What, for instance, does football have to do with the pastel (below) of the corpse of Italian film director Pier Pasolini?

The answer is, as I explain in my review in the AJC, more than you might think. Formal about-face notwithstanding, Refi addresses the same existential questions that she has probed throughout her career.

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